The T-shirt - A Brief History

by Al

According to some the beginning of the T-shirt is credited to the navy. The US Navy that is, while other historians say it was The "swabs" in the British Royal Navy who wore them under their uniforms in World War I, some even suggest it was the French Army. American soldiers liked the comfortable lightweight cotton undershirt compared to the wool uniforms American soldiers wore and the rest is history. more...

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You've picked your textiles, created a t-shirt design and your very own logo. So what happens next? Our tutorials will walk you through the colorful process of t-shirt printing.


Innovative Advertising Places for New Economy

by Shweta Mehta

Advertising is becoming more and more innovating in todays knowledge driven new Business world. Advertising companies finding new locations, new innovative Ideas to sell their customers products and Services through Advertising. Here we will discuss some more Places to Advertising your products and services. more...

10 Great Ways To Multiply Your Sales

by Rojo Sunsen

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Funny T-Shirts Make A Great Ice Breaker With Women

by Spencer Powers

Throughout history men have tried every technique available to pick up women. Some guys use a straight forward approach and others use cheesy pick-up lines. Lately a new trend has been emerging that seems to work better for men than any traditional pick-up techniques. Men across the country have been wearing t-shirts with funny sayings on them to get women to flock to them. It sounds ridiculously simple but it works. more...